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Tesla powerwall to be in SA by end 2016

The Tesla Powerwall will be available in South Africa by the end of 2016, according to a report.

According to MyBroadband head of operations at BrightBlack Stephen Gous says that similar batteries are available in South Africa right now – but their prices are prohibitive.

While the technology isn’t revolutionary, the big difference with the Powerwall is that it is going to be priced a lot more competitively, with a 7kWh unit going for $3,000 (about R36,000), and a 10kWh unit for $3,500 (about R42,005).

The rand conversion does not include import duties – so it might be a bit more expensive but should still be a decent price.

Both options will be guaranteed for 10 years, and will be able to power most homes during peak evening hours.

“This allows you to be completely off grid,” Elon Musk told AFP.

“Available at a competitive price point, the Tesla system is ideally suited to meeting the power provisioning challenges faced by South African businesses and individuals on a regular basis – load-shedding and power-outages caused by any number of factors, including cable theft,” Soltra Energy boss Jack Ward said.


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