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Where to Now for the SAMA awards?

What is the real reason MTN is no longer a sponsor of the awards? 

Yes I also read the politely worded press release where they called it quits then wished the RISA all the best but I wonder if there isnt another story. Given that MTN has sponsored the awards for ten years and the organisers have yet to find a replacement one wonders whats really potting.

When the CEO of RISA said the awards would take place on the 28th of April as a symbolic tribute to the first democratic elections WTF was he talking about?

I fail to see the connection between the two. In case you think someone poured haterade into my sippy cup please see his direct quote below. “Just as the country has evolved into a mature democracy over the past two decades, the SAMAs have also developed into the polished, professional and hotly anticipated industry event that they are today,” said  David du Plessis, the Chief Operating Officer of the Recording Industry of SA (RISA)

Are the same people who religiously watch the awards every year and live tweet their criticism going to be on that wave this year?

I get it, the production is not the greatest and the person who decided to make the yellow carpet  a thing needs to be stationed in Siberia indefinitely. But the great thing about democracy is you have a choice: change the channel, go to Sun City and schmooze with celebs, go out drinking. See? Nobody is forced to sit in front of their TV and watch unless they want to.

Will celebs who have sponsorships or endorsement deals with other alcohol companies still be comfortable posing with Amstel branding post awards?

Amstel has been the drinks sponsor for the past two years running but a lot of South African musicians already have deals with other alcohol brands. Others simply object to being forced to pose with the beer brand as it is not something that aligns with their personal beliefs.

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